Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Did you know that your home insurance policy does not cover flood damage and that 25% of flood claims come from homes that are not in mandatory flood zones.  Flood insurance is a very important part of protecting your home.  Let our agency design a policy that provides the coverage you need.

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Flood Insurance Facts

The flood insurance program is underwritten by the federal government program known as NFIP.  The flood program is separated into two zone categories known as Preferred and Standard.  These zones are determined by the elevation of the property and the overall likelihood of flooding.  If your property is located in a Standard zone your are required to carry flood insurance by your mortgage provider and home insurance company.  If your home is in a Preferred zone it is not mandatory to carry flood insurance, but many claims are made by homes in this category.


Hurricanes And Flooding

It doesn’t take much of a hurricane to produce enough rainfall to create flash flooding.  This is especially the case in older areas where drainage is an issue and properties are not built up.  Waiting until the hurricane season to buy flood insurance could be risky.  Contact our office today for a quote and you’ll be surprised how affordable flood insurance can be.



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