Home Insurance

Home Insurance

If you’re comparing prices for home insurance you should check with our agency first.  We offer great rates and work with the highest quality home insurance companies in Florida.

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What You Need To Know

Home insurance policies cover the structure and personal belongings of your home and pays to rebuild or replace your property in the event of a loss.  These policies also cover your defense against lawsuits if someone gets injured at your home and it pays extra expenses if damage to your home prevents you from living there while repairs are being made.

Make sure you choose your deductibles carefully most policies include a separate deductible for hurricane damage.  This deductible is usually 2% of your policy coverage, which means if your house is insured for $200,000 your deductible cost would be $4,000.  Whether you own or rent we can provide a policy that suits your needs and offers the amount of coverage you want.  Quality coverage with a quality home insurance company is essential to make sure one of your most valuable assets is well protected.  We offer free, competitve quotes on home insurance from multiple companies so you can get the best rate possible.


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